My Services

I’ll work with you to uncover the best solution for your product or business.

I design user experiences for mobile and web based applications

A great user experience is essential for the success of any product or service. I have designed experiences and interactions on various platforms.

I use strategy to create meaningful websites and apps for your product or business.

Why spend the time and effort building a website that does not provide value to your product or business? I work to identify business goals early in order to integrate them into the entire user experience, providing value to you and your user.

How It's Done

Planning, research and design are utilized to create value based user experiences.
Product Thinking

Product Thinking considers what problems the product needs to solve, whom it is solving for, why it needs to be solved and how this solution will be implemented. This method ensures that the product will be designed to produce value for the business and the user.

User-Centered Research

Through research I am able to develop empathy, gaining a greater understanding of user needs. The result is a value based, focused and meaningful user experience.

Interface & Interaction Design

Information architecture, human interaction design and visual design make up the interfaces we use every day. By understanding these principles I produce products that are both functional and delightful to use.

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My Process

DISCOVER. MAKE. OBSERVE. Understanding the WHY can be the most difficult part.


Project Brief and Brand Identity

At the beginning of the project, I’ll meet with you to understand the project goals and the elements of your brand. Together we will uncover brand attributes, the target users, and overall business goals to understand the greater picture.


User Research

I conduct research to develop empathy for the user in order to understand their needs. This is done with in-person interviews, surveys, user observations, and by developing personas.


Red Routes, User Stories & Personas

Here I consider specific tasks that need to be performed and humanize them by turning them into user stories. I then create personas based on these interactions to get a better picture of who I am designing for and why I am doing it.


The Jobs-to-be-done & Feature Prioritization

Features should not be decided, they should be discovered. By uncovering the “jobs-to-be-done” I refine the product features to complete only the most essential user tasks. This reduces scope creep and development costs.



Only after understanding the full context of the product will I begin to sketch the interface. All of the research and planning is used to thoughtfully create user flows and arrange elements on the screen.


Interactive Prototyping

The wireframes are converted into interactive prototypes using software like Invision. I use prototypes to uncover the problem areas and to test assumptions. Perhaps there is an issue with text visibility, or a workflow can be completed in fewer steps with a small change. Prototypes are essential to my iterative design process.


Observation & Testing

In-person or remote usability testing sessions help illuminate unforeseen issues with the interface design. For this reason I use some form of observation and testing after each iteration of the product as it is developed.


Visual Design

Imagery, illustration and animation provide the necessary factor of delight to each user interaction. I use all previously discovered knowledge to create a visual design that is aligned with your brand identity and user’s needs.



If I’m not already working along side your developer of choice, I’ll give you the files so you can take your product and get it made. At the end of the project you’ll have a product that provides value to your business and target users.