Case Study: Local Harvest
Case Study: Local Harvest

Local Harvest

Increasing access to local goods and services, no matter the scale.

Project Overview

Local harvest is a personal project demonstrating my ability to design a mobile application. This Android based concept strives to connect users with their local craftsman, cooks, entrepreneurs and farmers. The outcome will hopefully be a democratization of quality local goods, making them more affordable and accessible to everyone.

How might I improve the experience of living a healthy lifestyle?

Define The User


Design & Features

Utilizing Local Resources

Everything you need to buy or sell local goods and resources

Using technology to level the playing field

The backyard gardener or craftsman can have just as much exposure as their larger volume competitors

Locate Goods & Services

Local Harvest makes tapping into local resources easier than ever

Manage Your Digital Store

Easily manage inventory and keep followers up to date.

Purchasing Made Simple

Enable user to user transactions through NFC.

Give it a try!

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